Player Changes


New Players - Welcome to the League

Team NamePlayer Name
Broadway Darren Arseneau
Broadway Mitchell Stavert
Coulas Bone Crushers Sean Hill
Falcons Adam Sheldon
Hanet Plastics Derek Minacs
Hanet Plastics Lorne Reano
Hanet Plastics Kyle Sealey
Isotopes Scott Dicks
Storm Sam Pilkey
Surge Colin Appleton
Surge Darryl Dean
Surge Dave Eymann
Surge Greg Houghton
Surge Aaron McNutt
The A's Justin Cooney
The A's Kyle Duncan
The A's Tim Hawco
The A's Renaldo Knight
The A's Randy Lawrence
The A's Brandon Legault
The A's Alexander MacDonald
The A's Daniel Macpherson
The A's Jason Moseley
The A's Prasanth Selvakumaran
The A's Eric Smith
The A's Justin Sutherland
The A's Nathan Vaillancourt
The A's Darryl Walker
The Buellers Chris Boyd
The Buellers Kyle Lavigne
The Buellers Richard Lee
The Buellers Chris Ritchie
The Crew Glenn Gerard
The Crew Sean Nesbitt
The Expos Tyler McLean
The Expos Scott Nisbet
The Expos Jeffrey Penhale

Returning Players - Welcome Back

Team NamePlayer Name
Broadway Trevor Jean-Louis
Broadway Jonathan Onley
The Buellers Dave Hatt

Non-Returning Players - Come Back Soon

Team NamePlayer Name
A's George Douma
A's Thomas Douma
A's Cameron Dunnett
A's Karlo Francisco
A's Jomo Hanley
A's Peter Kalo
A's Jonathan Lloyd
A's David Nanos
A's Larry Rodgers
A's Travis Rodgers
A's Luige San Andres
A's Jeremy Stavropoulos
A's Tony Watson
Broadway Ron Hunt
Broadway Tyler Jimmo
Broadway Erik Reif
Broadway Silvino Resendes
Coulas Bone Crushers Hayden Mueller
Falcons Steve Tulk
Hanet Plastics Scott Caverly
Hanet Plastics Shane Greer
Isotopes Alfredo Campitelli
Storm Adam White
Surge Mike Jones
Surge R.J. Owen
Surge Kyle Petrovich
Surge Sawyer Quinn
Surge Skylar Quinn
Surge Spencer Quinn
The Buellers Derek Ackford
The Buellers Andrew Carlton
The Buellers Andre Ferris
The Buellers Jason Gould
The Buellers Thomas Greiner
The Buellers Keith McPhail
The Buellers Nick Rae
The Crew Jeff Hale
The Crew Gabriel Laframboise
The Expos Brayden Haslam
The Expos Christian Lamarre
The Expos Mike Watton
Triple Play Thomas Penkala

Players That Changed Teams

Player NamePrevious TeamCurrent Team
Doug StanfieldA'sThe A's
Justin DunnettA'sSurge

Players That Left During The Season

Player NameReasonTeam Name
Andrew CarltonPersonalThe Buellers
Kirk HincheyPersonalThe Crew
( * - denotes a player that joined after the season started )